Big Chungles

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Who/what is Big Chungles?


@Big_Chungles' mascot, Bob.

Big Chungles is a (sexy God) humor oriented Instagram page based around the many Admins with a ridiculous amount of fan accounts, or Chunglers.

The main focus of the page is incoherent nonsense and non-sequiturs.

Big Chungles protects us from any type of hideous creatures from ever stepping foot into this realm. You should pray to the Chungle every day for 6-10 hours. Or he will find you one way or another.

nyeahhhh oh ya funky baby woohoo funky baby yahhhh funky woohoo yeah babby alright funky funky babby woo!!!


You are free to make a page for yourself if you are a Chungler or are relevant to lore. Things you cannot do however are:

  • Do not Change other peoples articles drastically (unless the article was absolutely nonsensical, pee pee timernbwag rkn kjbskj bkj gdxbkjfb kjb km)
  • you are making a helpful change.
  • Do not Delete pages.
  • Do not Make pages that do not matter whatsoever lore-wise.

Any hate speech or nonsense will be deleted, and will result in an IP ban.

Important Pages

Big Chungles Dream Date





Fourth Chungle War/Chapter One

Poko (debatable)

Help Desk

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Wiki, please put them in the discussion on M.

Chungle Changelog

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